Break free from whatever is holding your business & life back! Get the principles, mindset, and strategies that I’ve used to build a purposeful & profitable 7-figure business!


How would you like to wake up everyday full of zeal and enthusiasm, ready to profit from doing the work that you LOVE?

How would your day be different if you could:

  • monetize your passions without feeling guilty
  • scale your business while fulfilling your purpose
  • create the flexibility and stability that you crave
  • break the boring, the monotonous routine of the 9-5


To answer this question, I DO NOT recommend that you take the first business class or invest $40K in private training. Those things may be necessary at some point, but they are futile if you lack a foundation…

…. if you do not understand the relationship between your purpose & business.


You may not be fully equipped to answer this question. While it may seem simple on the surface, I’m sure that in all your years of schooling, you have never taken a class that married Purpose and Business. I guarantee, you haven’t had a teacher or mentor anything like me either.

Now is your chance!

I created The Purposepreneur Project to help you discover the principles of success that I used to change the trajectory of my life and business.

In this course, you will learn the principles of success for a true Purposepreneur (not the hype and motivation that so many rookies are teaching).

After working with so many women entrepreneurs I've learned that we must first become aware before we can change.

The Purposepreneur Project will do just that!

WARNING: This course is a game-changer...a 360 different approach and perspective. If you are afraid of growth, prosperity, and TRUTH this course isn’t for you. If you’re committed to your life and business remaining stagnant, then stop reading now. But if you are ready for someone to tell you the truth. If you’re READY for expert advice, then join me!

Since you are still reading, it tells me 4 things about you:'re SICK of feeling stuck, unsure, and stagnant. KNOW you need a nudge to propel you to the next level.'re READY for solid principles and TRUTH.'re ready to THRIVE, not just SURVIVE.

Here’s what you get in exchange for your courage to try a new way...

The Purposepreneur Project way!

»» Weekly LIVE calls with me! The calls will peel back the layers of what is really holding you and your business back! In a safe space, you will get the support and TRUTH needed to propel your life & business forward.


  • How to monetize your passions without feeling guilty!
  • How to scale your business while fulfilling your purpose!
  • How to finally create the flexibility and stability that you crave!
  • How to break the boring, monotonous routine of the 9-5 for good!

*I reserve the right to adjust the curriculum to provide the highest impact and highest value information to the group.

*I ENCOURAGE everyone to make the live calls. I want to answer your questions so that you can get the most out of this course but if you must miss them, they will be recorded and added to our private portal.

»» A Community of Purposepreneurs to Walk this Journey with You!

As part of this course, you will have access to a private, Facebook group...and when I say PRIVATE, I mean it. Access to this course is limited because I want to keep this group intimate. The topics discussed are DEEP and require attention. I believe that a smaller group allows deeper transformation and 100% confidentiality.

»» Access to future events, programs, and so much more.

Your Path to Purpose, Passion, and Prosperity

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No matter where you are on your Purposepreneur path (from the “I am a beginner” phase to the “I already have a profitable business” phase) this course will help you dig deeper and get clear your path to purpose, passion, and prosperity.

The course includes access to a private Facebook community, private and exclusive live trainings only accessible to program participants.

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What Others Say About Working With Nicole

Hearing what you said, I realized I am in a comfort zone…you have given me the courage to get out of my comfort zone, brush myself off and follow my heart and dreams.

“I have had many challenges throughout the last 17 months, you motivated me to continue to push forward and follow my dreams. You are so positive and so encouraging. God has truly blessed you with a great gift to reach others. As you continue to walk in the path God has set for you, you are blessing others along the way.”
Lindsay Shello

“Your words were encouraging, they are helping me to keep pushing and pressing pass people, situations, and my own thoughts.”
Yvette Matthew

Nicole is a passionate business leader with a deep conviction about the true value of purpose. She has an extraordinary ability to recognize other people’s entrepreneurial genius and provide the exact tools and know-how to help you be authentically successful and build real wealth. I am privileged to know Nicole and would invite others reading this not to hesitate to seek out a VIP Day with Nicole or join her Mastermind if you truly want to move forward. If you’ve been looking for someone who has the personal and financial results to show for what they’ve been “preaching” – then, look no further than Nicole. She walks her talk 100%!
Priya Devalia
Founder, Extreme Breakthrough (TM)

First off, I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to realize my dream and follow my passion. To say that the program has been beneficial for me, would be an understatement. It has been nothing short of a game changer. You delivered on your promise to help me launch my agency in 30 days! Not only that, you gave additional tools to help grow the business after launching. Your commitment and integrity speaks volumes.
Nicole Gibson
Founder, Hallie’s Medical Staffing

You have taught me so much and it’s incredible how much you can learn from one individual. I have grown as a woman, friend, and a child of God. Since the age of eight I knew I wanted to be a cosmetologist. But for so long, I didn’t think I was good enough. I moved away trying to become something that I’m not. You helped me to realize I could be anything I wanted to be and, I would be successful! You helped me to see that making people feel beautiful is my gift. Seeing your success and happiness motivated me even more to do what I love. Learning your testimonies, trials, and tribulations, made me realize that when you are meant to do something, or be someone, you can’t run from it. Most of all you can’t run from God and the gifts he has given you.
Jazmin Chiles

Your Instructor

Nicole Robinson Caillier
Nicole Robinson Caillier

Nicole R. Caillier is an entrepreneur, consultant, speaker, author and business strategist. She is the founder and CEO of The Quality Brand, Robinson Success Systems, Divine Purpose School, and a wide array of entrepreneurial endeavors. She started her first business in Louisiana in 2005, an employment firm, which she expanded nationally in just two years in the middle of a recession. Under Nicole's leadership, the organization grew revenue 1200% in one quarter and consistently delivered its core competency of providing clients with quality over quantity solutions.

She has been featured in Women in Business, Entrepreneur Magazine, Charisma, and the Impact Network.

A strong visionary with a gift of business acumen, as a child Nicole wrote business plans instead of playing with dolls. She continues with a life-long passion for purpose being fully expressed in the business arena by mentoring other high-level business professionals and beginners to prosper holistically through the Divine Purpose School, a community of “Purposepreneurs” who want to take their business from 5 or 6 figures to 7 or 8, while being fully aligned with their life's calling and key relationships.

Armed with deep industry knowledge as a former nurse and 14 years of front- line entrepreneurial experience, she continues to take ground. Nicole’s focus has shifted to taking ground and creating an impact by sharing her expertise through speaking, consulting and private business mentorship.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the course?
The course will last for 6 weeks. The course will be delivered LIVE each week. The course will also be available via recording if you can’t attend LIVE sessions. Recordings will be housed in your mentorship site. You will also gain access to a private Facebook community of Like-minded individuals to support you on your journey.
Will I be expected to participate?
Yes, courses are very interactive. They are designed for people to learn from their current situations and others. Participation is encouraged.
Do you offer private mentorship?
I offer private mentorship to corporations and established professionals via application. Most mentees can successfully achieve the results desired through participation in group mentorship programs. (Private Consulting is available on a limited basis)
Do you offer refunds?
No, we do not offer refunds or transference for virtual programs.
What are the dates and times of the mentorship?
LIVE Mentorship Session dates can be found in your welcome documents. You will receive welcome documents via e-mail within 48 business hours of registration. All LIVE session recordings will be available in the group if you cannot attend LIVE. Changes/Updates to dates and times will be posted in the Private Facebook Community.

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